About us

Thank you for visiting our website. For the development of our crops we use only the healthiest, strongest individuals, from carefully selected seeds, which translates into very good genetics and high vigor of plants. We only use organic fertilizers when growing. We carefully select the crops to ensure high standards. At the stage of selecting seeds for you, we focus on high-quality seeds with very good genetics, which guarantees high germination and a large, high-quality yield.
We have been at the forefront of Auto XXL Ruderalis and Fast varieties for years, which can be grown in any climate.


Our team consists of passionate people with the motto that hemp is the future of civilization. We put our heart into our work and do it for you. We strive to ensure that your collections are complete and include the full genetic spectrum.
We are aware of customer needs and provide professional service. We execute orders without undue delay, properly secured against weather conditions and mechanical damage.
In our offer you will find the best quality feminized seeds