Auto Red Kush

Auto Red Kush

5.0 (1)

1 seed original packaging 6,00 €
3 seeds original packaging 15,00 €
5 seeds original packaging 20,00 €
50 seeds original packaging 180,00 €


Auto Red Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid created by crossing Purple Kush and OG Kush Auto. This highly productive and potent strain develops strong, main stem with many side branches. It's super easy-to-grow and vigorous. The buds are dense, hard and dark with purple undertones, orange hairs and thick, sticky layer of aromatic resin. The colours are out of this world! Auto Red Kush is known for its amazing, well-balanced hybrid high that offer both euphoria and body relaxation. This strain has a delicious, intense taste of sweet fruit with a deep, Skunky background.

Genetics: Purple Kush x OG Kush Auto

Flowering type: 

From seed to harvest: 8-9 weeks
Height: 55-110 cm
Indoor yield: 450-550 g/m2
Ourdoor yield: 40-150 g/plant
Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis: 77/20/3%
THC: 15-20%
CBD: 0,8%

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