Blue Caramel

Blue Caramel

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1 seed 6,00 €
3 seeds 15,00 €
5 seeds 20,00 €
50 seeds 180,00 €


This Indica dominant hybrid is the result of crossing the two of the sweetest Cannabis strains, Cream Caramel and Blueberry. Blue Caramel develops typical Indica structure: strong main stem, many side branches and short internodal distance. Its an easy-to-grow, fast and vigorous plant perfect for sweet, sticky resin. The taste is a complex blend of sweet, fruity and spicy tones. The high is perfect for evening 'sit and stay' smoking. Instant increase of concentration and focus with incredible, deep relaxation.

Genetics: Cream Caramel x Blueberry

Flowering type:

From seed to harvest: 9 weeks
Indoor yield: 450-500 g/m2
Ourdoor harvest: late October
Ourdoor yield: 400-550 g/plant
Indica/Sativa: 90/10%
THC: 15-20%
CBD: 1,6%

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