Fast Tropicanna Glue

Fast Tropicanna Glue

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1 seed 6,00 €
3 seeds 15,00 €
5 seeds 20,00 €
50 seeds 180,00 €


Fast Tropicanna Glue is an Indica dominant hybrid created through crossing a selected genetic line of Tropicanna and Gorilla Glue Auto. This fast flowering strain is easy-to-grow, productive and vigorous. The buds are dense, large and generously covered with shiny trichomes. The resin production is outstanding! Perfect for high quality extractions. The taste is a sweet blend of candies and strawberry chewing gum. The high is lifting and deeply relaxing, great for chilling after a long day, when you want a break from life's daily stresses.

Genetics: Tropicanna x Gorilla Glue

Flowering type:

From seed to harvest: 6-7 weeks
Indoor yield: 500-600 g/m2
Ourdoor harvest: late September
Ourdoor yield: 350-650 g/plant
Indica/Sativa: 65/35%
THC: 15-21%
CBD: 0,1%

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